High Definition Receiver

Enhance your TV watching experience with an HD Receiver! With Wave’s HD Receiver, you’ll access all the high definition channels that are included in the cable TV packages that you subscribe to, along with great high definition content available with TV On Demand. Add an HD Receiver to any cable TV package for only $11/month*!

Get crisp HD picture at its highest resolution. Our high-quality HD content is delivered right to your home through a dedicated segment of video fiber optics, so the quality is never compromised based on other usage in your house.

All you need to have in order to access the full complement of HD channels included in your Wave subscription is a high definition TV, with HDMI or component cables, and a High Definition Receiver or HD-DVR from Wave!

NOTE: HD Receiver not available in all areas. HD channels and features vary by service area. View Product List for your area, or call 1-866-928-3123 for more information.

* $2.72/month Interactive Equipment Fee required on first receiver only.