Multi-Room DVR

Watch your recorded shows from any room in the house.

Wave’s Multi-Room DVR is an affordable way to put DVR functionality into every room of your home. Upgrade your TV experience with a Multi-Room DVR for only $19/month* for a “Server”, and $7/month for each “Client”!

The Multi-Room DVR gives you the most flexibility in home entertainment. With Wave’s Multi-Room DVR, you’ll be able to record and playback shows on every connected receiver in your home. With its powerful bookmarking capability, you’ll be able to start watching a show that you’ve recorded in one room, pause, and then resume watching it exactly where you left off in another room.

How does it work?

  • A single DVR (designated as the “Server”) is connected to a TV in your house, with additional receivers (designated as “Clients”) on other TVs throughout your home.
  • When you record a program on the “Server” box, you can access it and play it back from any room in your house—wherever you have a box connected.
  • You’ll even be able to set up new recordings and delete existing recordings from any box in your home.
  • You can record two shows, even while watching a program you’ve previously recorded, so you never have to choose between shows that you love!

NOTE: Multi-Room DVR not available in all areas. HD channels and features vary by service area. View Product List for your area, or call 1-866-928-3123 for more information.

* $2.72/month Interactive Equipment Fee required on first DVR only.