Sling TV

The Perfect Bundle: Local TV, High Speed 250, and Sling TV!!!

Sling TV pairs perfectly with Wave’s Local TV and High Speed 250 Internet services. 

  • High Speed 250 gives you maximum speed to support multiple connected devices and simultaneous HD streaming.
  • Local TV ensures you still have access to all your areas local news coverage, broadcast network prime time television shows and national news programs.
  • Sling TV is the new way to watch live TV. You’ll get instant access to live sports, current-season shows, breaking news and more-all for one simple low price of $20/mo. And there are no annual contracts, no setup fees and no installation guy. Just get the Sling app on your TV or favorite device and start watching today! ¿Está buscando entretenimiento en español? Sling TV lo tiene cubierto. Haga clic para más detalles.


 As a Wave customer, you are eligible to add The Best of Live TV with no cable box and no annual contract.

Now add the best of live TV for less. Watch now!



Watch on your TV, computer, tablet or phone.


Watch anytime, anywhere on your TV and favorite devices. Watch over 20 channels with The Best of Live TV. Start watching now!


Get Sling TV on your favorite devices at home or on the go. Watch on your TV, computer, tablet or phone. See all supported devices.

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