High Speed Internet Packages

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Everything is better with faster internet.

With faster, more reliable performance than DSL and our new Gig Speed Internet, Wave’s high-speed internet service delivers faster downloads, smoother video, and lag-free gaming, even with multiple users online at once. With our fiber-optic network and four speed options to choose from, there is a great internet package for every need and budget.

With Wave, you’ll always get:
  • Fast and reliable broadband internet service
  • 24-hour technical support, ready to assist with your connectivity issues, day or night
  • Flexibility to switch packages at any time—you’re never locked into a contract

Bundle and save!

When you bundle Wave’s internet with TV or phone service, you’ll enjoy a multi-product discount. Bundle internet, TV and phone and get valuable Bundle Perks – see the perks of bundling here.

Find the speed you need:

Up to 10 Mbps downstream / 1 Mbps upstream Ready to Order?

100 GB monthly data allotment included; allotment upgrades available
$32.95/month with cable TV or phone
$42.95/month a la carte

When you want a reliable internet connection to get you online for emails, browsing and account management of your home services and finances, High Speed 10 will do the job faster than DSL.

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Up to 100 Mbps downstream / 5 Mbps upstream Ready to Order?

400 GB monthly data allotment included; allotment upgrades available
$59.95/month with cable TV or phone
$69.95/month a la carte

For the heavier user, High Speed 100 gives you even faster speeds, with blazing fast upload speeds of 5 Mbps, and 400 GB of data transfer usage! It’s ideal for online gamers who log hours of gaming, or professionals who work from home. High Speed 100 will definitely take you from level to level without lag time.

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Up to 250 Mbps downstream / 10 Mbps upstream Ready to Order?

500 GB monthly data allotment included; allotment upgrades available
$69.95/month with local TV or phone
$79.95/month a la carte

High Speed 250 gives you maximum speed to support more connected devices (5-7+), more users, and more simultaneous high bandwidth activities such as HD streaming, video conferencing and online gaming. Our High Speed 250 also includes 500 GB of data transfer usage, so you have the freedom you need for all of your online activities.

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Up to 1,000 Mbps downstream / 10 Mbps upstream             

Ready to Order?

$99.95 everyday low rate

Gig Speed Internet is the fastest internet Wave offers, and likely far faster than anything else available in your area. What’s even better, we’ve made this incredibly fast speed incredibly affordable.

No matter what high-bandwidth activity you choose—streaming HD video, gaming online, sending and receiving huge files, or just surfing faster than ever before—you have the capacity for 10-15 simultaneous users and devices, all running at peak speed.

Gig Speed Internet automatically includes our Unlimited Data Plan to give you complete control over your internet.

  • When only the best will do—Wave’s Gig Speed is the fastest speed Wave offers, and gives you blazing fast download speeds to handle any activity: streaming HD video, multiplayer gaming, video conferencing, and more.
  • Enough for everyone—Gigabit speed gives you the capacity for more simultaneous users—10-15 in fact—and their favorite high-bandwidth activities with no slowdowns, stutters, or buffering.
  • Go faster, go farther—Wave’s Gig Speed Internet comes automatically with our Unlimited Data plan, so you can do everything you want with your brand new ultra-fast internet.

High speed internet service from Wave requires a cable modem. If you order both internet and phone service from Wave, you will need a Multimedia Modem. With Wireless Home Networking from Wave, you get a cable/multi-media modem, wireless router and home network set-up, plus equipment replacement and support—all for just $15/month.

Wireless Home Networking service is great to connect online from any of the following devices:

  • Laptops
  • Computer tablets (i.e. iPad)
  • eReaders (i.e. Kindle)
  • Game consoles
  • Mobile devices

Wave technicians will connect a wireless router to your cable modem, hook up all the wires and get you on your way.

  • Includes wireless router and modem
  • Professional installation and service
  • Technical Support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Wave lets you add Roku service to your High Speed 100 and above for only $5/month. Includes set-up, support, and equipment replacement.

  • Roku 3 player and included remote
  • Over 350 streaming options, including movies, TV shows, kids programming, fitness, and more
  • Great video quality with one of Wave’s fastest internet speeds
  • Easy access to programming from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Video On Demand, NHL Game Center, MLB.tv, Pandora Radio, FOX News, and many more*
  • Motion-sensing remote that lets you control the Roku from your sofa and use it to play games
  • The Angry Birds game, preloaded for extra fun with your family
  • Full support with our 24-hour technical support and customer service
  • Professional installation and setup

*Some content may require a subscription.

Wave Broadband offers a comprehensive protection plan for all your Wave residential cable, internet and home phone services.

This protection covers you for all in-home service calls related to wiring, equipment and customer education.

Enjoy peace of mind for all your Wave services for only $3.99/month*. This service is included FREE for all Wave Triple-Play customers.

Learn more about the Residential Service Protection Plan.

All levels of Wave High Speed Internet include ten email addresses, remote Webmail access to conveniently check your messages, and at least 100 GB of data transfer usage.

For information on Wave’s Network Management Practices, please visit our Network Management Support page.

*Internet download speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Observed speeds may vary based on device, connection, and other factors outside of Wave’s control. Speeds, rates and terms may vary by service area. Call 1-866-928-3123 for availability and  information about our fastest speeds. Click here for more details.

Certain equipment may be required to receive 1 Gigabit speeds. Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Internet speeds of up to 1 Gigabit may vary due to conditions outside of network control, including customer location and equipment. Unlimited Data Plan available on top two speed tiers only. After 2 TB of usage, Wave may slow data speeds for network management. Usage beyond total allotment subject to additional charges; allotment upgrades available. Data transfer usage allotment upgrades may be added to your service for $10/month per 100 GB. Minimum computer system requirements apply. Speed not guaranteed and is affected by user’s computer and site user accesses. Price does not include Internet Infrastructure fee of $1.97/month which is subject to change. The Internet Infrastructure Fee is designed to help Wave defray some of its capital expenditures for continually upgrading and improving its data network. This fee is neither government-mandated nor a tax, fee or surcharge imposed by the government. Internet modem required; available with Wireless Home Networking $10/month. Installation is $60, and includes up to 2 TVs (additional outlets and special wiring is extra), internet installation of 1 device (or up to 3 devices with Wireless Home Networking, with existing outlets), and/or phone installation of 4 existing pre-wired outlets. Additional installation and equipment rental fees may apply. Franchise fees and taxes apply. Other restrictions may apply. Prices subject to change. Not available in all areas. Call for complete details. Data transfer usage includes both downstream/ download and upstream/upload activity. Not all services available in all areas; call for availability. WASHINGTON RESIDENTS: The base rates listed are subject to a 2% Regulatory Recovery Fee, which added together determines the total price.