Home Networking Services

Wave makes computer home networking easy.

Most homes these days have lots of devices to connect to the internet—computers, smart phones, tablets, game consoles, and more. For a great experience, you need great WiFi.

Wave Home Networking covers your home in WiFi, so you can connect all of your devices and use them seamlessly.

A Wave technician will set up a high-performance wireless router and conduct an evaluation of WiFi signal strength throughout your home.  If you have dead spots, we’ll install up to two additional WiFi expanders to blanket your home in amazing WiFi.

Wave’s WiFi Expanders use the existing wiring and cable jacks in your home to extend your WiFi coverage to cover far away rooms or get around signal-blocking walls and furniture.  Your expanded network is seamless, so you stay covered as you move around your home.

For just $10/month, Wave’s Home Networking Service gives you:

  • Wave modem and wireless router
  • Up to two WiFi expanders to extend coverage throughout your home
  • Professional installation and service
  • 24/7 technical support