Residential Service Protection Plan

Peace of mind for all your Wave services.

Wave Broadband offers a service protection plan for all your Wave residential cable, internet and home phone services. This protection covers you for most in-home service calls related to visible wiring, equipment and customer education.

Enjoy peace of mind for all your Wave services for only $3.99/month*. This service is included FREE for all Wave Triple-Play customers.

  • Provides worry-free assurance across all your Wave services. Includes service calls for most visible wiring, equipment and education needs for cable TV, high-speed internet, and home phone.
  • Applies to service calls for all Wave residential services for one low monthly fee.
  • Covers all Wave residential services for one low monthly fee.
  • Allows for unlimited use for all covered service calls.
  • No obligation, and no contract required. Can be cancelled at any time.*
  • Cable television, high-speed internet and home phone wiring from the point of demarcation into your home.
  • Fittings for cable television and high-speed internet wiring inside your home, including coaxial jumper cables less than twelve feet in length to and from your equipment
  • Telephone jacks and telephone twisted pair jumpers inside the home
  • Cable television splitters, and Wave-purchased amplifiers
  • Trouble calls due to customer education, or customer-owned equipment connected to Wave services
  • Free service trip and diagnosis for all problems related to customer-owned equipment
  • Repair of any customer-owned equipment (i.e TVs, DVD players, home theater systems, PCs, printers, monitors, hard drives, telephones, answering machines, etc.)
  • Installation of additional outlets/jacks or relocation of existing outlets/jacks
  • Installation of any customer home entertainment, internet or phone equipment (i.e. TVs, DVD players, PCs, etc.)
  • Repeated or intentional customer damage to any Wave equipment and/or wiring
  • Inside wiring used by other vendors to provide video, internet and/or phone services
  • Inside wiring or equipment used for non-standard telephone systems such as PBX or fixed wireless
  • Surround sound wiring or equipment
  • The repair or installation of wire concealed within a wall
  • Damage to equipment inside the home due to acts of nature, such as fire, flood, earthquakes, etc
  • Computer configuration assistance
  • Home security systems


No. Wave’s Service Protection Plan only covers coaxial cable installed by Wave or our predecessors in interest. Coaxial cable installed by the customer or a third party is not covered. Most coaxial cable sold in retail stores does not meet the standard wire specifications outlined in the National Electrical Code and the Electronic Industry Association standards. All phone wiring, so long as it is installed to industry standards, is covered regardless of who installed it. (Phone wire is built to a set industry standard, regardless of vendor).

No. Wave’s Service Protection Plan only applies to inside wiring. All outside wiring, beyond the demarcation point, is our responsibility unless there is deliberate damage, or the wiring is owned by another service provider. Please note that you may be responsible for any damage you cause to outside wiring.

The demarcation point begins 12 inches outside of your home and extends inside to the individual cable outlets and extensions. For apartments, condominium or other group facilities, the demarcation point is the outlet or jack inside the unit.

Yes. Service Protection Plan covers repair for inside wiring regardless of reason, except where there is intentional damage or the wire is concealed inside the wall.

No. Our coverage includes diagnosis, at no additional charge, which will confirm a problem residing within customer-owned equipment and/or home security systems; however, you are responsible for repair costs to any equipment you own.

No, this plan only covers inside wiring from the cable outlet or jack to your equipment. Wiring within the walls is not covered.

*Residential services only. If cancelled within 60 days of a service call, customer will be charged the full service call rate. Franchise taxes and fees apply where applicable. View Terms and Conditions for full details.