Wave Support and FAQs

We know you’re busy, that’s why we created this easy-to-use customer support section with answers to our most commonly-asked questions. Whether you have a quick question, want to request an email address, or need how-to instructions, you should find what you need using the links below.

Or, you can send your account questions to our Customer Support Team and your technical questions to our Technical Support Team. We’re always happy to help!

Issues with your service?

Trouble with your service? First step is to try rebooting your modem.

Cable Support
Find answers to your questions regarding equipment, remote controls, the i-Guide, parental controls, DVRs, digital cable, HDTV service, and more!
Internet Support

Get help with setting up your home network, configuring your email account, testing your internet speed, and more!

Phone Support

Check out the calling features associated with your plan, find out more about our phone portal, learn how to set up your voicemail, and more!

Need assistance with your bill? Check out our comprehensive billing support section!