Data Transfer Usage Policy

At Wave, we believe in providing the best value for the highest quality service, and when it comes to internet service, that means providing our customers with proactive and responsible management of our internet access networks.

All activity online is about transferring data. A web page is in essence a file, and when you visit a web page you are downloading that file, and everything included on the page, such as the pictures. You may also send/receive email, download files from the web, stream video, play games, or upload files.

Transferring data uses up network bandwidth, the same network bandwidth that all users in your area utilize to access the internet.

So if one user in your area utilizes 1000 times the bandwidth that everyone else does, any change this causes in network performance will affect all users on that network.

When a network’s usage is unbalanced, such as when a small percentage of the people on the network use a large percentage of the network’s bandwidth, then it takes additional resources to manage that network and to make sure that all users on the network can access the internet according to their service level.

That’s why we actively manage our networks, and continuously expand to add even more resources when needed.

By allocating bandwidth to each internet service account, and assessing a nominal fee for usage beyond that amount, we can optimize our resources accordingly.

Determining the data transfer allocation amount requires a balancing act between the needs of an individual’s use of the network and the requirements of maintaining a healthy, efficient network for all.

We determined the data transfer allocation for each service level based on the overall bandwidth usage needed to optimize the network for all users, and we set the amount high enough that the vast majority of our users would never approach it.

100 GB of data transfer usage is included with all levels of internet service at no additional charge. High Speed 55 and above also include an additional 200 GB of usage, for a total of 300 GB. That amount can be increased by subscribing to additional Usage Allotment Upgrades.

We set these data transfer allocations well above the monthly usage for more than 99% of our users. Only our heaviest internet users will be affected by our data transfer policy.

We do not interfere with our customers’ service or limit its performance. Instead, we ask that customers who contribute far more to network congestion also contribute a bit more to the cost of managing and upgrading those networks.

If you exceed the included data transfer amount within the calendar month, you will be charged an additional data transfer fee. The fee is $5 for the first 1-25 GB over the usage amount included with your service level, and $5 more for each additional 1-25 GB over that.

For example, if the data transfer amount included with your account is 100 GB, and your use during the calendar month is 142 GB, then your Data Transfer Fee for that month will be $10.

If you are regularly incurring data transfer fees, you may want to consider moving to High Speed 55 or above, which have a higher data transfer allotment, or increasing your monthly allotment by subscribing to Allotment Upgrades at a reduced rate of $10/month per 100 GB block.

For example, if the data transfer amount included with your account is 300 GB, and your use during the calendar month is 387 GB, then your Data Transfer Fee for that month would be $20. Or, you could subscribe to a Usage Allotment Upgrade for only $10/month to increase your allotment to 400 GB.

If your internet service is for a business or telecommuting from a home office, please contact our Small Business Solutions team at 1-888-202-9820 or visit our Wave Business Solutions website to find out about higher capacity, business-class products available to you.

You can view your data transfer activity anytime within our Internet Account Manager. View your current month’s activity as well as your data transfer activity for the last two months, and sign up to receive email notifications if your data transfer usage approaches the amount included with your service level.

What counts toward your data transfer usage? All activity that takes place over your internet connection that involves data being transferred (downstream / downloading and upstream / uploading are aggregated for purposes of determining your consumption) during each calendar month.

Here are some things to keep in mind when considering your data usage:

  • All devices in your home that utilize your internet connection, including laptops, desktops, gaming consoles, or handheld devices, count towards your data transfer activity.
  • If you have multiple internet users in your household using the same account, internet activity for all users is aggregated at the account level.
  • If you use a wireless router in conjunction with your internet service and that connection is not properly secured, other users outside your household could be using the connection, adding to your data transfer usage.
  • It’s possible for viruses or malware on your computer to cause activity that would add to your data transfer usage. In most cases, properly installed and regularly updated virus software should protect you from this possibility.

In order to optimize your connection speed and your overall internet experience, remember to maintain your virus protection software, secure your home network, and make sure you have ample speed to accommodate all the users in your home.

Each internet activity is unique, but here are some average file sizes to give you an idea of what your data usage might be:

Average email: 59 KB
Average web page: 130 KB
Average song file: 4 MB
Average digital photo: 5 MB
Average standard def movie: 2 GB
Average hour of online gaming: 15-30 MB

If the amount of data transfer allocated to your account is 100 GB, then that would be equivalent to:

Sending/receiving 1,694,915 emails, or
Viewing 769,230 websites, or
Downloading 25,000 songs, or
Downloading 20,000 photos, or
Downloading 50 standard movies, or
Downloading 20 HD movies, or
Online gaming for 3,400 hours

If the amount of data transfer allocated to your account is 300 GB, then that would be equivalent to:

Sending/receiving 5,084,745 emails, or
Viewing 2,307,690 websites, or
Downloading 75,000 songs, or
Downloading 60,000 photos, or
Downloading 150 standard movies, or
Downloading 60 HD movies, or
Online gaming for 10,200 hours

Wave Broadband offers multiple packages of High Speed Data (HSD) Service with varying speeds, features and bandwidth usage allocations (not all packages are available in all areas).

You must comply with the current terms of use set forth in Wave Broadband’s Residential Services Subscriber Agreement (“RSSA”) and Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) (the RSSA and AUP are posted at or on an alternative website, if we so notify you, and may be revised by us from time to time) and other terms of use that correspond with the package of HSD Service you selected.

In addition to complying with the limitations for specific features, you must ensure that your activities do not improperly restrict, inhibit, or degrade any other user’s use of the HSD Service, nor represent (in Wave Broadband’s sole judgment) an unusually great burden on our network itself.

By way of example, common activities that may cause excessive bandwidth consumption in violation of our terms of use include, but are not limited to, numerous or continuous bulk transfers of files and other high capacity traffic using (i) file transfer protocol, (ii) peer-to-peer applications, and (iii) newsgroups.

In addition, you must ensure that your use does not improperly restrict, inhibit, disrupt, degrade or impede Wave Broadband’s ability to deliver the Service and monitor the HSD Service, backbone, network nodes, and/or other network services.

Your use of excessive bandwidth (as determined by Wave Broadband) may result in the termination or suspension of your HSD Service, or require you to upgrade the HSD Service and/or pay additional fees if you wish to continue to use the HSD Service at higher bandwidth consumption levels.

You understand and agree that the actual throughput rate you may experience at any time will vary based on numerous factors, such as the condition of wiring at your location, computer configurations, Internet and network congestion and management, the time of day at which the HSD Service is used, and the website servers you access, among other factors.

Each tier of HSD Service includes an allotment of bandwidth consumption (downstream or downloading and upstream or uploading are aggregated for purposes of determining your consumption) that you may use during each calendar month at no additional charge.

You agree that you will pay for additional bandwidth consumed beyond that allotment at the rates posted at Unused bandwidth from your allotment expires at the end of your billing cycle and does not carry over to subsequent billing cycles.

You agree Wave Broadband may change these and other applicable limits or terms of any tiers by amending the prices, aspects and features of the HSD Service set forth at at any time and from time to time. Your continued use of the HSD Service will constitute acceptance of any new and revised limits and terms.

It is your responsibility to monitor and manage your bandwidth usage, which you may check using the online usage monitor available after logging into your account at

If you still have questions, they may be answered in our Data Transfer FAQs.