Wave Phone Help

  • Go to the Wave Phone Portal to log in.
  • Enter your telephone number and your password.
  • If you were not given a password, or have forgotten it, please call 1-866-928-3123 to have it reset.


Your home screen is called The Dashboard. The Dashboard provides a view of your missed calls, voicemail messages, and current feature settings.

Note: Features such as Call Forwarding, Selective Call Acceptance, and Anonymous Call Rejection can be configured through the Call Manager.

To change preferences and security options, click on the Settings tab.

The Messages & Calls tab allows you to listen to voicemail messages, view missed calls, view dialed calls, view received calls, and manage your messages.

To manage your messages, including forwarding them as email, click on the arrow button to the right of each message.

Tip: Replying to messages requires that you have Adobe Flash installed on your computer.

Note: You may only reply to and/or forward messages as voicemail to other Wave subscribers. This service will not work to cell phones or any other service provider telephone number.

The Call Manager tab allows you to modify the following features:
Call Forwarding, Selective Call Forwarding, Follow Me, Selective Call Acceptance, Selective Call Rejection, Anonymous Call Rejection, and Priority Call.

Forwarding Destinations, Call Forwarding and Selective Call Forwarding are located in the Forwarding tab under Call Manager.

Selective Call Acceptance, Selective Call Rejection, Anonymous Call Rejection and Priority Call are located in the Screening tab under Call Manager.

The main page of the Call Manager tab displays a summary of the current feature settings:

To change the way incoming calls are forwarded by the system, click on the Call Manager tab, then click on the Forwarding sub category.

Helpful Hint: Create your forwarding destinations first. This will simplify the management of your forwarding options.

To configure and activate call forwarding, click on the Immediately sub category under the Call Manager > Forwarding tab.

Choose a forwarding destination from the pull down box, or enter an eleven digit telephone number to the field below and click apply.

To manage Follow Me, click on Follow Me under the Call Manager tab. Begin by adding a rule to the Follow Me list by clicking on the Add Rule button. You may also activate the feature from this view, which is necessary to test your configuration.

When you configure your rules, you may choose a forwarding destination OR you may enter a telephone number. Choose “other” from the pull down box to enter a telephone number.

Tip: Twenty seconds is the recommended setting, which allows enough time for most telephones to ring before being forward to voicemail. If your test call terminates to voicemail in the middle of your rule list, trying adjusting the number of ring destination seconds lower until the call is permitted to forward to the next telephone number on the rule list.

After you’ve added all of your rules, verify that they are in the desired order. They will ring sequentially from top to bottom. If you would like all of them to ring simultaneously, click the check box under settings.

You can move each rule up or down in the ringing sequence by clicking the up/down arrow next to the rule:

All features in this view (Selective Call Acceptance, Selective Call Rejection, Anonymous Call Rejection, and Priority Call) are changed using the same procedure. For this example, we’ll use Priority Call.

Click on the Edit List button to enter a telephone number in the Priority Call list.

You can add a telephone number directly to the list, or you can add it from a saved contact. To add telephone numbers to the contact list, click on the Contacts tab.

You can change your password to manage your voicemail security. This field changes your online password AND your voicemail PIN.

Changing the Call Services PIN number below the Password field only affects access to the Remote Call Forwarding feature.

You can change the number of rings that your callers will hear by changing the number of ringing seconds in the Voicemail Preferences section under Settings > Preferences.

Each ringing cycle is equal to approximately 6 seconds. The default option for this field is 20 seconds, which equals approximately 3 ringing cycles.

Click on the Settings tab under the Settings > Messaging categories.

Click on the check box for “Auto-forward all voicemail messages” and enter an email address.

Click Apply to finish the configuration.

Note: As an alternative to auto forwarding, you have the option to have new message notifications sent to your email address. The system will alert you via email that you have a new message, but it will not send a copy of the message. To activate this setting, click on the Email tab under Settings > Messaging.


If you would like to receive notices of new voicemail messages in your email, click on the Email tab under Settings > Messaging to add your email address.

Note: You will not receive a copy of new voicemail messages. To receive a copy of new voicemail messages in your email, configure the Voicemail Auto Forwarding option under Settings > Messaging > Settings.

You can configure the system to alert you of new voicemail messages on any telephone number.

To configure the service, click on the Outdial tab under Settings > Messaging.

You can change the greeting that your callers will hear by clicking on the Greetings tab under Settings > Messaging.

There are two default greetings to choose from under the Configure Greeting section:

System with Number: Callers will hear the generic system greeting and your telephone number

System: Callers will hear the generic system greeting

If you record a personalized greeting and a name, you will see two more options appear:

System with Name: Callers will hear your name recorded in your voice with the generic system greeting

Personal: Callers will hear your personalized greeting